Medical Delivery,

Use Cases


We can fly up to 150 km/h on a direct path, without traffic directly to where the package is needed whenever every second counts to save a life.

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Vital Medical supplies

We deliver vital medical supplies, samples, blood containers, or anything below 2,3kg to the most remote places in the world. We make equal access to medicines possible - no matter where people live.

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Making fast and sustainable deliveries the standard

our three principles


Fault-Tolerant: In case one component breaks, the glider is still able to land safely

Backup: Expert pilots can take over in emergencies

Testing: Any software is rigorously checked in highly realistic simulation and in real-life before it goes into operations


Need-to-know sharing: Operators only get the information they need to see; everything else is in the camera stream is blurred at takeoff and landing

One-day storage: All onboard videos are only stored for one day

Covered: All cameras are covered when docked on the landing station

Minimal Noise

Constant improvement: Having the most silent delivery drone on the market is not enough. We constantly reduce noise, enhancing the software, aerodynamics, and reducing weight

Silent starts: For sensitive environments, we can also do catapult starts to reduce the biggest noise at takeoff


The Jedsy Mailbox is easily installed under any window or on any balcony. It was never faster and easier to send or receive a package.

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the first of its kind Wallsitter


The unique and patented method and design enables the glider to take off and land on vertical structures like a window or a balcony, increasing delivery speed, safety, and comfort.

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Services for Laboratories

Our service is the perfect solution for Laboratories and their need of fast delivery

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