TCS insures medical drone deliveries from Jedsy

The Touring Club Switzerland is embarking on a pilot project and will in future insure the drone deliveries of the start-up Jedsy. Jedsy delivers medical laboratory samples using cargo drones. In the rare event of an unplanned landing, the TCS patrol secures the drone and the samples.

The TCS Mobility Academy is launching another pioneering project with its Drone & Vertical Mobility Academy (DAVMA). With the partnership between TCS and Jedsy, the Touring Club Switzerland is expanding its commitment to vertical mobility and, in addition to drone pilot training, is now providing operational support for an innovative drone application for the first time.

Securing the medical payload with the TCS patrol
The start-up Jedsy has developed an innovative technology that allows a cargo drone to land directly at a docking station on a window with pinpoint accuracy. The "window-to-window" system enables the efficient transportation of medical samples of all kinds directly and without traffic. The first routes for deliveries of medical laboratory samples are already being flown in eastern Switzerland.

Jedsy needs back-up to expand throughout Switzerland. TCS is taking on this role. In the rare event of an unplanned drone landing - which can occur for air traffic reasons, for example - the TCS patrol will be contacted. The landings take place at predefined, protected alternative sites. The patrollers ensure the safety of the drone and, if necessary, transport the medical payload safely to the nearest laboratory.

Switzerland-wide expansion
Jedsy plans to expand its cooperation with the Dr. Risch Group, whose core competence is laboratory medical diagnostics and which works with various players in the healthcare sector, over the next few years. The group has 24 locations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. "Securing the freight through TCS is an important factor for us in terms of scaling," says Jedsy founder Herbert Weirather. "This ensures a Switzerland-wide solution."

TCS focus: combining mobility and health
Jürg Wittwer, Director General of TCS, is convinced of the future and importance of the drone segment. "With this cooperation, we can combine our expertise in roadside assistance with the area of vertical mobility. We already operate the largest drone pilot school in Switzerland, which complements our services," he comments on the cooperation.

TCS and its Mobility Academy have taken on an international pioneering role in modern drone mobility with the founding of the "TCS Drone & Vertical Mobility Academy" (DAVMA) based in Bern on behalf of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). Launched in 2022, the aim of DAVMA is to act as a business developer and think tank to advise and support the 244 member organizations of the FIA in their entry into the new vertical mobility of drones and air cabs.

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