Technical Specification


Jedsy Glider

Aircraft type Unmanned electric aircraft, capable of vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) and fixed-wing flight.
Dimensions 27 x 236 x 100 cm [H x W x L]
Weight 9.5 Kg empty incl. batteries
11.8 Kg max. gross take-off weight (MGTOW)
Propulsion Main motors: 4x 700Kv motors, arranged in two redundant coaxial couples
Front motors: 2x 1100Kv motors
Avionics 1x 64 Bit ARM 6 Cores, 6 MB L2 + 4 MB L3, 8 GB RAM, 128-Bit-LPDDR4x 59,7 GB/s
1x 32 Bit ARM, 216MHz, 2MB memory, 512KB RAM
1x 32 Bit ARM, 24MHz, 8KB SRAM
3x Accelerometers/Gyros
2x Barometers
2x airspeed sensors
2X GPS Modules
Awareness systems 2x downward-facing awareness systems
1x forward-facing awareness system
1x upward-facing awareness system
1x LiDAR ground altimeter: downward facing for short and long-distance measurements
Awareness radios 1x ADS-B In
1x FLARM in and out
1x remote ID, compliant with FAR Part 89
Connectivity (CON2) 2x LTE SIM cards slots for two different   providers
Flight modes Multicopter mode and Fixed wing mode
Max Cruise Speed 78 KIAS (40m/s)
Stall Speed (MGTOW) 27 KIAS (14m/s) in Fixed Wing mode
Max Density Altitude 2438m
Max Endurance 75 minutes
Max Wind 25 KTS (13m/s)
Max Wind Gust 30 KTS (15m/s)
Max Precipitation Light (Moderate)
Operating time Daylight
Operating temperature -20   to 50° Celsius
Range max   120km without transport container, in absence of wind, ideal cruising speed,   200m AMSL, no altitude change, 5% reserve
Weather limitations suitable   for operation in coastal and offshore climate
no   operation during heavy rain, icing conditions, hail, and thunderstorms
Noise Emissions While   cruising at 150m above ground level: 30dB
Delivery methods Mailbox   docking on balcony or window
Parachute   drop
Ground   landing
Customer Privacy The   video transmitted to the pilot for landing is blurred at the source
The   glider’s cameras don’t have line-of sight in the customer’s homes when docked
The   recorded flight data is deleted and overwritten after every flight

Transport Container

Transport Container C1 (0,7L) Thermal isolation: +/-2°Celsius per hour
Aerodynamic design for a maximum range of 100km
Lightweight, durable, and reusable EPP material
Magnetic quick-release system
Parachute drop-off system (if needed)
Used for medical deliveries like blood bags
Transport Container C5 (5L) Aerodynamic design for a maximum range of 80km
Lightweight, durable, and reusable EPP material
Magnetic quick-release system

Jedsy APP

Functionality   for the general users Register and order a Mailbox or setup a drop-delivery location
Order scheduled and urgent deliveries
Track deliveries and receive real-time notifications
Manage your Mailboxes and authorize your colleagues to operate on them
Receive support from Jedsy’s customer service
Watch video-tutorials
Manage balance, payments, and invoices
Recommend Jedsy to a friend to receive rewards
Apply as Jedsetter
Manage your personal data
Functionality for companies Manage employees and allow them to use your balance to pay for deliveries
Functionality for Jedsetters Find available tasks in your operational range and take them
Manage your active tasks and report your progress
Platforms iOS and Android


Jedsy Mailbox

Functionality Landing and takeoff support through belt actuation
Safety locking (Hooking)
Glider recharging
QR Code for registration and fast scan delivery process
Dimensions 133 x 93 x 10 cm [H x W x L]
Mounting system 12 different adapters for all types of windows or balconies (e.g. balcony railing or window still). If no adapter fits, a special adapter will be manufactured for free.
Video-tutorial for DIY installation in Jedsy App or installation service available
If desired, the mailbox can be installed on a separate structure away from the building.
Power supply 240V AC to 24V DC power supply
Extension cable length can be selected
Electronics One loudspeaker for audio warnings
Two electric motors to power the belts
Integrated charger for the glider
802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN which automatically connects to glider
Maintenance interval After 10’000 Landings or 15 years a major overhaul is necessary
After Snowing the Velcro belts need to be freed up from the snow

Ground Control Station

Remote Controller RH7
Screen 8inch
Internal Battery 7500mah
Operating Time 4h
Network Wifi/Bluetooth/4G
Loudspeaker Built-in
Control Station (R3) Windows PC with LAN connection
External controller (Joystick)
Operator Control Software (S9) Mission planning, mode selection and live stream to onboard cameras
Airspace traffic integration
VPN secured network connection to the aircraft
Dispatcher Software (S10) Fleet planning of scheduled flights
Status overview of fleet
Predictive maintenance indicator
Booking and pricing overview