The Jedsy Mailbox

Fast and convenient deliveries

Autonomous Drop-Off

Easy Shipping

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Advantages of the window/balcony drop

No large open space (e.g. garden) needed

No risk of hard impact when dropped

Well-suited for all weather conditions

Packages immediately accessible without leaving the house

Safe-delivery always at the same spot

Easily receive and send packages

The elements




Reliable Docking


Charging system

How it works

Shipping in seconds


From the Jedsy APP (iOS/Android) choose the destination of your shipment. If not already there, the glider will arrive within minutes to your mailbox.


The glider opens the aerodynamic container and the package can be inserted.

on the way

Once loaded, the remote operator starts the shipment. The receiver is notified and can follow the delivery in real time.

unique Costumer experience

The super fast and easy use will raise a smile to everybody in the chain


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