without limits


Unique docking

like a rocket

Quick Take off

The Delivery tailored to the customer's needs

Vertical Takeoff and landing

The Jedsy Glider can take off and land almost anywhere—even at very remote places without any infrastructure.

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Window or Balcony Delivery

Delivering to the window or balcony is the fastest way to receive a parcel enabling it to double the range compared to the parachute drop.

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Parachute Drop

For fast turnaround deliveries where no infrastructure is available, the parachute drop is ideal.

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the advantages of the jedsy glider


Ideal aerodynamics
for long flights

One-way range without charging

100 km
Gliding allows long flights with limited energy consumption


No energy is used
during gliding flight

Noise Level

30 db – Half as much as standard multicopter. No engine noise during gliding flight


In case of engine failure, the drone can glide down. No crashing possible

Range of delivery methods

Broad - Different delivery options based on costumer needs (e.g. balcony drop)