"Delivery when it matters!"


Jedsy is a technology company based in Liechtenstein and Switzerland with the ultimate aim of designing and developing high-end multipurpose drones. With the mottoDelivery where it matters, when it matters, the company was founded in early 2021 by Herbert Weirather (aerospace engineer), and Mirko Cesena (triple aerobatic helicopter world champion) with an innovative concept for delivery that could out-perform its competitors. Currently, the company is making tremendous strides in the provision of healthcare, and emergency and courier services.  

Our Journey so far

Due to its advanced and automated features, Jedsy X is highly capable of delivering payloads in challenging terrains, remote areas, and locations with poor infrastructure with a high success rate. Notably, Jedsy is the first company in the world to dock directly to a window or balcony with its delivery drone, expediting and simplifying the shipment of medical supplies. This represents a sustainable, long-term solution for enhancing efficiency, which is critical for saving lives that might otherwise be lost using conventional methods.

This success is driven by an in-house team of brilliant hardware and software specialists. Since its establishment, Jedsy has attracted reputable serial entrepreneurs, including Cornelius Boersch and his investment firm Conny & Co. Additionally, Jedsy has partnered with Labor Risch Laboratory on a project to transfer lab samples by drone. In December 2021, the company set up a manufacturing operation in Malawi, producing aircrafts and Mailboxes using the local workforce and obtaining permission to fly across the country.

In late 2022, Jedsy began a promising collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Malawi, entrusted with delivering blood samples, medical supplies and life-saving medicines between hospitals, health centers, and laboratories in northern Malawi.

Jedsy is also committed to fighting climate change, recognizing its paramount importance for the survival of humanity. The aircrafts are developed using eco-friendly materials, powered by clean energy sources, and operated by technicians who are environmental champions.