Every day, approximately 810 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

300 to 500 million acute episodes are caused worldwide annually by malaria, resulting in an estimated 1 million deaths, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

45%–54% of all deaths worldwide happen under time-critical conditions.

Effective emergency care can avert these death

Our gliders can provide reasonable emergency care needed to help people suffering from time-critical conditions and lack of access.

A global problem

The situation

The level of access to healthcare varies widely from country to country and even within countries.

The inequalities are increasing due to a rise in chronic diseases, combined with an aging population, increased unemployment, and economic pressures.

Drones can provide a remedy in the future.

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How we help

Reach anywhere

We deliver life-saving medication, blood vessels or anything below 2,3kg to the most remote places in the world.

We make equal access to medical supplies possible - no matter where people live.

Saving Costs

Our gliders and mailboxes are fully autonomous and fully electric.

Compared to a car there are less fuel costs, less maintenance cost and less labor expenses. That is why we can offer a competitive price.

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Saving Time

Time matters. Sometimes seconds can decide between life and death. Conditions such as sepsis and myocardial infarction benefit from high-quality emergency care and rapidly lead to death if left untreated.