The Ministry of Health (MoH) and Delivery Glider AG- Jedsy with Shire Highlands Development Trust have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 21 November 2022 which will allow testing out a new way of delivering medical supplies by drones to hospitals and health centers. Present during the signing ceremony was the CEO of Jedsy, Herbert Weirather, Dr. Dan Namarika from Shire Highlands Development Trust in the capacity of a witness, and Mr. Rumbani Sidira who is the Drone Desk Officer at the Ministry of Health. 

The core aim of the initiative is to contribute to improving the health sector in Malawi and the development of the wider sector of advancing Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being. In particular, Jedsy has been entrusted with delivering key medical supplies such as blood bags, medicine, and vaccines that weigh approximately 2-3 kgs. Consequently, the strengthening of healthcare will go a long way in providing long-lasting solutions to deaths related to pregnancy, childbirth, malaria, and others that have high chances of being prevented with the right services and personnel. 

To achieve this, there are gliders that provide reasonable emergency care needed to help people suffering from time-critical conditions and lack of access. Specifically, the drones reach anywhere ranging from urban to remote places; they are cost-saving as the gliders and mailboxes are fully autonomous and electric; lastly, they are timesaving because on average, they are 2.8x faster than ambulances. Deliveries that would ordinarily take hours on the road can now be made in minutes thanks to Jedsy's team of top technical specialists, including Drone Assembly Technicians, Drone Pilots, and Drone Mechanics. 

Furthermore, Jedsy includes health workers in various institutions of operations because it values collaboration and teamwork to generate high-quality outputs. Essentially, this would not only improve packing operations by fostering a culture of responsibility and care for parcels, but it will also foster a feeling of pride in one's work. 

Apart from having a keen interest in improving the health in Malawi, Jedsy is also motivated to help the Malawi Government and other relevant stakeholders in curbing the high unemployment rate as such, the company has hired a young highly motivated and brilliant Malawian team that will assist in spearheading the operations. Moreover, Jedsy aims to recruit additional personnel as operations extend throughout Malawi. 

Jedsy recognizes how paramount fighting climate change is and as a company, it strives to contribute to the cause that is key to the survival of humanity. Essentially, the drones are developed using eco-friendly materials, they fly on clean sources of energy and are operated by technicians who are environmental champions.