The Labor Risch- Jedsy operation is a two-year pilot project that commenced in early 2023 where the two companies agreed for Jedsy to transport laboratory samples to Labor Risch using drones. The Dr. Risch group is one of the leading service providers in laboratory medicine in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and it offers a wide range of analyses and services which cover all the fields of modern laboratory medicine. In total, there are 22 locations and proven digital services, and the group ensures a reliable, regional laboratory supply for hospitals, doctors and other parties from the healthcare sector around the clock. Delivery Glider AG (with brand name Jedsy) is an innovative Switzerland-based technology company that specializes in developing and providing high-quality drone services.

Generally, for the operation, the Jedsy flight plan path connects Vaduz and Buchs and as a requirement, the operational area has been comprehensively evaluated by on-site inspection and the flight path is over a sparsely populated area. Basically, the drones are being flown at an altitude between 70 to 100 meters (about 328.08 ft) above ground and in the first step, not a single house is flown over, and manned air traffic is normally over 300 meters (about 984.25 ft) above ground in this area. According to the agreement, Jedsy transports blood samples, tissue samples, and laboratory equipment between two medical facilities using the Jedsy Glider (drone) from sunrise to sunset from Monday morning to Saturday evening, with approximately 20 flights per day. As we are registerd as an unmanned airial vehicle we are obligatet to give way to every airbone aircraft. We detect airtraffic via ADSB transponder, Flarm, via Glider Tracker and Burnaircloud. Additionally we have a camera livestream for our UAV operators, where flight traffic can be detected. Our glider are all equiped with strobelights for visibility. The UAV Operator monitors three frequences, such as: Heli 1: 159.6750 MHz, Heli 2: 159.8500 MHz, Heli 3: 159.950 MHz. In case of an airtraffic detection there are serveral procetures: we deny take off, we fly back or we fly at a lower altitude, emergency landing at the field. We try our best to be well clear to manned airial traffic, which means 200 m vertikal and 3 km horizontal. The highest detection range is enabled, when pilots in general activate their Transponder. 

Essentially, the payload delivery has been successful due to the unique new system developed by Jedsy where a drone can dock outside the window or balcony. The loading and unloading is extremely efficient as it only takes a few seconds and can be done almost in any weather. Furthermore, the docking system is also convenient in the sense that it also charges the drone's battery so that the aircraft is ready for use at any time and can be in the air within 60 seconds. Considering minimizing noise pollution is paramount, Jedsy is using a glider that is designed to fly quietly unlike other well-known multicomputer. Just like the rest of its operations, Jedsy is putting privacy as one of the core factors to be considered as such, the operator follows the drone's flight via live stream but immediately after approaching the destination, the surroundings become blurred except for the docking station.

Statistics indicate that the efficiency of the Jedsy system has significantly contributed to the timely delivery of samples to designated labs. Labor Risch has 50 drivers delivering lab samples within 4 hours every day or even more, especially during peak hours or vacation periods when drivers can be stuck in traffic consequently, medical personnel in the labs must wait and work overtime. Since signing the agreement with Jedsy, complete delivery of samples takes about 5 minutes only in a 4km route thereby reducing the normal time of car delivery significantly as the drone does not encounter hindrances such as traffic.

Protecting the environment is one of the priorities on the national, continental, and global stage and Jedsy is one of the companies playing a leading role in the cause. Therefore, in the operation, the company is using eco-friendly materials that contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment.


 Author: Joseph Chikalipo