Jedsy places an emphasis on environmental responsibility, sustainability in all areas, including the employment sector. Goal 8 of the Sustainable Development Agenda is supported by Jedsy. The United Nations General Assembly created 17 Sustainable Development Goals, one of which is "decent employment and economic development." In accordance with its stated purpose, this objective is to "promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for everyone." Jedsy has its headquarters in Switzerland, where it employs roughly 20 people, and a mission office in Malawi, where it has employed Malawians from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Incredibly for a startup that just opened its doors in Malawi in 2021, Jedsy has already recruited 17 Malawians. 

The Jedsy Malawi offices, which are located in Area 4, are the epicenter of the country's entrepreneurial activity. This is the Jedsy factory where the drones are put together. The process includes the printing of the components using a 3D printer, the structuring of the drone, which is followed by the soldering of power lines and signal vessels, the installation of the battery, and finally the components, where the configuration and installation of all flight devices takes place. Immediately after the completion of the incredible work by the technicians, test flights immediately under way.  

In Malawi, Jedsy was able to tap into a pool of talented, diverse candidates for different positions for its operations. There are a total of 17 people working at the Malawi mission office, including pilots, technicians, HR manager, PR officers,  inventory clerk, and company driver. In addition to their recruitment efforts, Jedsy also continues to create a more inclusive work environment. Mentoring opportunities for company employees continue to be made available by the headquarters in the form of highly qualified drone pilots and experts with experience assembling drones.