Jedsy for Laboratories

More and more technological innovations are being introduced into the healthcare industry with the intention of enhancing the quality of available medical care. Drones are a cutting-edge innovation that could revolutionize laboratory supply chain management. Jedsy with its main aim to be a dominant player in the medical drone space, providing medical drone delivery solutions to laboratories and hospitals. Jedsy's innovative drone delivery technology is ten times cheaper and arrives in half the time it would take by car. The apparent advantages to employing drones in laboratories: the transit time is not dependent on traffic conditions or third parties, the cost is less than that of a taxi, and the length of the trip is greatly reduced compared to the road. Jedsy drones take off and land directly outside of a laboratory's window or balcony, making the process faster and more convenient. 

Jedsy drones hold the promise of making healthcare more convenient, and they have the potential to have an effect on the logistics of hospitals from a more extensive view. The main intention of Jedsy is preventing the loss of as many lives as they can by reducing the amount of time needed for urgent deliveries and by making certain that supplies are delivered in excellent shape. Delivering life-saving supplies including blood, medicine, and vaccines to people who need them, delivering where and when it matters. The Jedsy drone is designed to meet the unique requirements of laboratories and healthcare industries. Jedsy places a premium on providing a pleasant experience for its customers. We think the medical industry demands a logistics solution that involves efficient, on-premises delivery to save time.